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    DNS trouble in WHM/CPanel

    I have a weird problem with my DNS. The DNS servers are and

    I can add sites using WHM and they work fine.

    The only one I cannot get to work is when I try to add --- I checked the DNS zone configuration and it is the same as the other sites that DO work.

    I am getting 'There is no website configured at this address.' at the address. ANY other domain name I add works fine. All domains are being added to the same IP address.

    Any ideas anyone?


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    for an easy and quick solution try changing to its own IP within WHM.

    Otherwise if you say the DNS looks correct, check the httpd.conf , that page you get typically means apache dosnt have the account setup for the ip.

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    Check /var/named/ and see that the zone is loaded.
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    thanks i had the same prob and manage to solve it
    check httpd.conf
    if the your ip pointed at htdocs - replace the file with your index file or point it to your site

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