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    help php

    hi :
    first i must say, that i`m not realy good writing english, but i would try to do my best efford ,a friend recommend me this forum very much, so i hope you dont care about my language mistakes and can help me, well i need to learn php and i only now a little about HTML, and i need to do a web page using php, i have readed that i need to install a server apache on my computer and a version available of php, but i haven`t done yet, and i have alot of doubts, first :
    can i use the block notes to practices there some things that i have seen on some tutorials?
    or maybe dreamweaver, or php have his own program.
    i Know that that php is used on html pages, but i dont know if i need a special editor for this.

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    You don't need a special editor for php. You can write/edit php in a normal editor and preview in your web browser.

    I think you were referring to notepad, which works, along with most gui editors (like Dreamweaver).

    Unless you're planning on running the site off your local pc, there's no reason to install apache or php locally.

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    Try out That program is incredible for PHP editing. Text Highlighting, internal code debugger, etc.

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    you can also download easyphp or phpdev if you want to be able to use php on your home computer

    try searching google for php tutorials and you will get loads

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    My favourite PHP (HTML, CSS, etc because supports plugins for syntax highlighting): Editplus (

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