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    Can I trust those 10Mbps server?

    Hi guys, I found those two 10Mbps dedicated server, they are really cheap I think, can I trust them? anyone give me some idea? thanks

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    Although I have not had dealings with either of them, I have looked into their services and have heard some good things about them.

    Search WHT and you should find the info you are looking for.

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    I would personally check out this thread here.

    The quality of bandwidth will certainly be higher.

    ctn1 i don't trust too much...they were basicly spamming every query thread on this forum at one point.

    FDC have been ok recently but alot of people will still say you won't be able to use the full 10mbit speed.

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    FDC has been much better over the last 4 months.

    My 2 cents.

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    I must admit recent reports regarding FDC have been positive

    CTN1 seem very good however after a very good start, I emailed sales the other day and still have not recieved a response. Unfortunatly, they also seem to change their pricing too often, its as if they are not sure how much to charge.

    Rackcheck seem very good and well priced. Ive had a few quotes off them for dedicated 10mbit servers and I must admit they seem great! - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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