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    Account Manager/Sales Adviser Positions Available


    We are looking to hire several salespeople for ISFIS - Mission Critical Hosting, Favourable rates of pay, bonus of up to 50% sales and significant staff discount.

    Applicants must:
    - be at least 16 years of age
    - have prior selling experience
    - be knowledgeable of the hosting industry
    - have superior writing and interpersonal skill
    - have excellent english and grammar skills
    - be able to work 2 hours minimum per week.

    About Us

    ISFIS (Intelligent Solutions for Intelligent Systems) was started in 2000 to provide just that the best solution to any problem; encompassing Operational Consultancy, Sales/Marketing Expertise, Content Management and Provisioning. At ISFIS we have a track record of excellence and expertise, we have worked with companies such as BT, Thales, Racal, Krone (UK), Unisys, Cisco Systems and The Dixon's Group. Also government agencies such as the DVLA and the Canadian equivalent in British Columbia (ICBC). At ISFIS customer satisfaction and security are our primary concern and we hope this shows in our dealings with our customers.

    At ISFIS we are also the only hosting company to provide all of our clients with a dedicated Account Manager who is available to deal with all of their account needs, this allows us to provide truly dedicated world class support.
    You will get Excellent Pay, we will train you, and you will get valuable experience in selling/marketing techniques.

    Have you got what it takes?

    For more information or to submit your resume email: [email protected]
    Many thanks,
    John Bradshaw - Remove Screen Burn & Dead Pixels with your DVD player!

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    I have what it takes! PM me, i can work more than 2 hours a week! IM most of the time online.

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    Me Too PM with more details

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    The open positions are for Account Manager and Sales Adviser. Is this correct? I see that you're the Account Manager, and a Sales Adviser would be someone who advises.
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    Both are availble Account Managers take a locality and deal with existing customers, upgrades and consultancy within that area. Sales Advisors work with potential clients in the first instance, finding needs and matching that with our service propositions.
    John Bradshaw - Remove Screen Burn & Dead Pixels with your DVD player!

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    Hey, i can work for roughly 23 hrs a week. and have knowledge in sales, as i am a host myself pm me.

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