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    Question PHP mail script isnt sending mail?

    I'm working on an error checking system, but it appears that the mail function isnt working right. It's not sending anything.

    Here is my mail code:
    PHP Code:
    mail("email_address""my subject"$message"From: name <[email protected]>"); 
    Is there any other ways I can test this?

    This script used to work fine, but it appears it isnt working now.
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    php mail requires that sendmail (or some interface that looks like sendmail) is available to php. You could try going to the shell to see if you can use sendmail directly. If you have no shell access you should ask your provider about the problem.

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    Some email servers require the "-f" parameter to be sent with email calls from PHP.
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    I have same problem on Windows 2003 box, what should I do to get rid of this problem?

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    on Windows, you need to set your SMTP server in php.ini before mail() will work.

    Also note that if your SMTP is not the same box as the webserver, and it requires authentication before sending -- then mail() does not work (for both Windows and Unix/Linux).

    In either case, I would suggest using phpmailer or any number of mail classes that don't use sendmail.
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    I believe it uses the same idea as a "send form" in HTML. It needs to either access the server's SMTP or a CGI script.
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    I had a problem slightly similar to that. PHP was compilted without MAIL. Solution would ofcourse be to recompile php - but you can also just contact directly to your smtp server when sending mail:

    This way you can send mail from a php script without using mail()

    EDIT: Ooops I didnt notice that fyrestrtr had answered with a tip like this :/

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    hmm lets see if i can remember this..

    PHP Code:
    mail("$to""$subject""$message""From: $from"); 
    i hope that works better

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