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    Question SingUp/UnSubscribe page and database?

    I am trying to make a SingUp/UnSubscribe page where people could provide some information about themselves (name, address or e-mail). I need that database to be created automatically. I am on Windows server.

    Any idea how to get started?

    Thank you.

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    learn html forms

    learn php parsing the forms

    learn php entering and modyfing mysql data

    learn how to make cookies - for login/logout system

    should be enough -
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    Check out

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    if you are thinking about a mailing list... could be a better option
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    Thank you for your advice.
    I am wandering which subscribe/unsubscribe mailing list script will be good for Windows server with FrontPage extension?
    My Web site is created by FrontPage too.

    Thank you.

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