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    Hosting Guide - Some feedback please...

    I wrote this article intended for newbies looking for hosting. Please tell me what you think of the CONTENT.

    Formating is not done - it will look better and be easier to navigate, please just asking for opinions on the content, what I should add and what I should take away.


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    First off hello and welcome to
    Make this..

    First off, hello and welcome to
    It doesnt look professional if you have mistakes like that

    Also, when you click on links for acronyms, make it pop-up in a new window, so the person can keep reading after they find out what the word means.

    A third big issue with hosting it from your home is bandwidth. Bandwidth is the transfer of files, basically how fast you can do it. Now if you’re a dialup user you should know from the start that hosting your own website is bad idea, you’re just TOO SLOW. For you cable and DSL users, who think you are hot shots because you have broadband, think again. The fact is MOST broadband companies consider it against their TOS to run a web server over their connections, meaning if they catch you, bye-bye internet and you’re back to dialup, TOO SLOW. For those providers who do allow web servers, keep this in mind…Web hosts have MULTIPLE connections to multiple providers incase any downtime occurs (yes it all comes back to whether or not your website will be up and running). What happens when the cable guy comes to fix the cable and breaks something – there goes your website.
    Explain that with cable/dsl you have around a 35-40kbps upload speed, which is no-where even close for a site.
    Explain that hosts have 10mps + upload speeds

    Do a search for “web host” in google, you will get millions of results but the top pages will almost always result in resources and quality hosts.
    Not necessarily true..

    Finally, you should instruct them to check out this site! []

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    Hmm, the conversational style of article. Very difficult to get right without sounding patronising. Not to say I don't think you've got it, but I'd try and detach myself slightly from the audience if I were writing something like that, for fear of sounding like a "trendy teacher".

    No offence meant, I hope none taken.

    One other small point. Your links are underlined and in (more or less) the same colour as your body text. Therefore it's unwise to underline other words as they'll be assumed to be links (especially by your target audience). To emphasise, use <em></em> or <strong></strong> instead. Not <b></b> or <i></i>. They're deprecated, and thoroughly meaningless.

    Good work though.
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