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    understanding server stats

    Hi all

    i want to ask about the harddrive in linux .. in windows we know C: D: E: ... etc
    when i see my server stats i can see :

    Memory Used 19.5 %

    Swap 1 %

    Disk hda7 (/) DMA+ 9 %

    Disk hda1 (/boot) DMA+ 12 %

    Disk hda8 (/home) DMA+ 1 %

    Disk hda5 (/tmp) DMA+ 2 %

    Disk hda3 (/usr) DMA+ 50 %

    Disk hda2 (/var) DMA+ 7 %

    Disk hdc1 (/backup) DMA+ 1 %

    my questions :

    when i have must upgrade the RAM ?

    what all thies partitions ??

    i can see the last one is backupdrive but how I reload the backup when its need ??
    how i check the backup ?



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    df -h
    and print the results here

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    Hi Nadder,
    As what I understand from the information given above, you need not upgrade your RAM at the moment.

    - This directory contains the file as well as the Linux Kernel. Lilo places the boot sector backups in this directory.

    - Linux is a multi-user environment so each user is also assigned a specific directory which is accessible only to them and the system administrator. These are the user home directories, which can be found under /home/username. This directory also contains the user specific settings for programs like IRC, X etc.

    - This directory contains mostly files that are required temporarily.
    Many programs use this to create lock files and for temporary storage of data. On some systems, this directory is cleared out at boot or at shutdown.

    - This is one of the most important directories in the system as it contains all the user binaries. X and its supporting libraries can be found here. User programs like telnet, ftp etc are also placed here.

    /usr/doc contains useful system documentation. /usr/src/linux contains the source code for the Linux kernel.

    - This directory contains spooling data like mail and also the output from the printer daemon. The system logs are also kept here in /var/log/messages. You will also find the database for BIND in /var/named and for NIS in /var/yp.

    What do you say? Directory where you make your server backup!

    Hope that helps!
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    one other thing - in general hda will be the primary hard disk, then the numbers afterwards are the partition numbers (and they're usually sequential in the order they're created)

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