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    Hardware for FreeBSD server.

    ok, so after debating, I've come to the conclusion that my original plan to use Solaris is too expensive for me to expand my business quickly if necessary. I've decided to revisit FreeBSD. The problem is hardware. I've had issues with FreeBSD and hardware incompatibility before, even when the hardware was listed as "supported" on their website.

    So I'm wondering if there are any server manufacturers out there that specifically test their systems on FreeBSD and/or design their systems for FreeBSD. Dell isn't an option as I've hard HORRIBLE experiences with them in the past and while I hear great things about their business line, I've decided that they've had their chance with me and blown it multiple times.

    Basically, I'd like to know where I can get a high-quality server that I can run FreeBSD on. Thanks.

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    is that what a lot of people here use for their FreeBSD servers? IBM eServers?

    I had actually been looking at them before but I found the website to be very poorly laid out.

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    what's the "e" stand for?

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    does anyone here use the IBM eServers?

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    Originally posted by Inspector Gadget
    what's the "e" stand for?

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    Originally posted by ChrisF79
    you'd think marketing would have made it the rServer then.... hehe

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