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    Business For Sale: Profitable Web Traffic Retailer

    1. Your name?
    Josh Catone

    2. URL(s) of site?

    3. Age of site?
    1 month

    4. Approximate monthly page views and/or unique visitor?

    5. How does site generate income? How much?
    Yes. It is dependant on your advertising. I experienced a 14% conversion ratio with Google AdWords.

    6. Who develops content and administers the site and how much time does it require?
    The site requires no additional development. Required time for running the site is about 1 hour per day to fill orders.

    7. Reason for selling?
    Time. I want to devote my time to a few projects I am more interested in. Plus I have a large credit card bill I need to pay off.

    8. Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner?
    Yes, of course.

    9. Does the site have an e-zine or newsletter? Number of subscribers?

    10. Asking price for the site?
    It is up for auction at:

    It comes with:
    -Fully designed site (that's not a template)
    -A license to the PayPal shopping cart/order system
    -A traffic reseller license
    -TWO GREAT domains ( and
    -3 months hosting
    -help in switching the site over to your -servers/PayPal account
    -and some other goodies (see the auction)

    Reply with any questions here or PM me. Thanks!

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    Very nice design and formatting. Good luck with the sale. eBay users are so gullible though lol.
    Ricky Lipe
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    Thank you.

    I've seen similar sites go for probably a lot more than they're worth. At the moment, though, it's a bargain

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    Did you build the site yourself?

    What scripts are used?

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    My partner and I built the site from scratch (it's not a template or anything). Micture of tables and CSS. It uses a custom paypal-integrated payment script (PHP).

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