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    [HELP] W2003/IIS 6: file won't download from address bar


    I'm running IIS 6.0 on a W2003 server.
    I have a file offered for downloading, say:

    If I put a link to this file from an htm/asp page, and the user clicks the link, it downloads fine, immediately.

    But if the user enters in the address bar, MSIE keeps searching for the file (you know: the "Getting file information..." window). After a moment, MSIE says the file can't be found.

    I have probably missed a setting somewhere, but can't find it.
    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    This sounds like a local problem, and not a server issue. We have dozens of W2003 servers and have never, ever experienced this issue.
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    Thanks for your input.
    It is not an issue with my local MSIE since many users reported this. So I guess the problem is on the server side. And what else than a IIS setting could it be ?

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    I have more info, still very strange to me: the file is found with javascript, but not vbscript:

    Response.Redirect("") doesn't work

    But with this the file is found:

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    have you tried to set MIME on IIS?

    just right click on the domain, add new extension .zip or whatever you want and use application/octet-stream for content type.

    dont' know if it helps

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    Looks like your MIME settings are not setup properly. Like amzhost said, check your MIME Type settings for the site and make sure you have either of these setup:

    .zip application/x-compressed
    .zip application/x-zip-compressed
    .zip application/zip
    .zip multipart/x-zip

    That should do the trick!

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    Thanks for your answers.
    I did it already, but tried again to reflect your suggestions, but that didn't help.

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