Great value, reliable web hosting. Take a look at our packages below or visit us by clicking here. Feel free to contact us by email [email protected] with any enquires. All fees to be paid in GB Pounds Sterling, US $ shown as rough guid to prices.

Starter 50

50mb Space
1gb Transfer
5 Mysql
10 Pop3
1.50 pm aprox $3 pm

Basic 250

250mb Space
5gb Transfer
20 Mysql
20 Pop3
20 FTP
3 pm aprox $4.50 pm

Pro 500

500mb Space
10gb Transfer
30 Mysql
30 Pop3
30 FTP
5 pm aprox $7.50 pm

Real 1200

1200mb Space
20gb Transfer
120 Mysql
120 Pop3
120 FTP
10pm aprox $15 pm

Basics included in all packages are as follows:

Email Services

Email Account Manager
POP 3 and Web Based
Unlimited Auto-Responders
SPAM Email Blockers
Unlimited Email Forwarders
Unlimited Email Filters
Email Address Trace
Modify MX Entries

FTP Services

Online file manager
Anonymous FTP account
Custom anonymous ftp account welcome message
FTP session control

Database Services

mySQL Databases
Database auto-repair
multiple usernames per database
Database access control
phpMyAdmin advanced database editing interface

Web Site Statistics

Webalizer Web Stats Tools
Analog Stats Tools
Latest Visitors Stats Tools
Bandwidth Usage Tool
Raw Access Logs
SubDomain Stats
Error Log Access
FTP logs

Web Site Management

Site/Database Backup Tool
Web Protect Directories
Password Change Tool
Custom Error Pages
Mime Type Editor
Apache Handlers
Search Engine Submit Tool
HotLink Protection
File Manager
Disk Usage Viewer
Index Manager

Advanced Options/Tools

Cron Jobs
OpenPGP Key Management

Preinstalled CGI Scripts

Simple CGI Wrapper
Random HTML
Advanced Guestbook
CGI Email
Entropy Search
Entropy Banner
Formmail Clone

Script Installers

Invision Board Installer