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    Flash cartoon banners, best in the industry

    I am a flash cartoonist with 5 years of experience, you can find the online portfolio here !

    I have 5 flash cartoon banners for sale, all of them are top quality and it is hard to find better cartoon banners in the market

    I attached still shots in this post and links to DO pages which you can view them and find more information.
    You can also buy them via Paypal from those pages easily, just click "buy now" button.

    Here are links of banner info pages

    Link to info page for the 1st banner

    Link to info page for the 2nd banner

    Link to info page for the 3rd banner

    Link to info page for the 4th banner

    Link to info page for the 5th banner

    Please feel free to ask any question.
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    Just awesome! Good work.

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    I am planning to make more according to the popularity of these 5.

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    Wow.... when you view the full animated banners, it's amazing.

    (the screenshots don't do them justice.)

    These are fantastic. Not just graphic effects like some of the other flash banners we've seen lately, but actual characters come to life. That number 5 with the guys jamming on the guitars is the coolest damn banner I've ever seen. Hah... I love it.


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    Thanks Gen-T,

    I am trying to do my best
    I am agree that screenshots don't make fine but I guess adding a swf file to a post is not possible So maybe screenshots can give a rough idea about animations.

    Thanks again,

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    DO u have aim or msn or icq? I have some work for you...

    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    Nice portfolio, Good Luck

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    How much do you charge for custom work? These banners are great but would not suit my wip site. Please contact me using the info in my sig.

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    Thanks bullman and Ixion,

    Ixion, I sent you an e-mail, please check.

    Btw, if anyone is interested in buying the source file and resell the banner as a template again and again, can contact me for details.

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    Very great work. my only problem is this:

    * You will have all the rights of swf, it will not be for sale after your purchase.
    * 100$ price does not include fla file.
    You won't resell it BUT you won't give the .fla. If it's not being resold then why can't the rightful owner have the .fla?

    If that changed might be interested.

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    It is very simple.I won't resell them AND I also want the buyer don't sell them either.If I give out the fla, buyer will have the chance to make lots of clons of the banner or resell the same banner again. I am just trying to copy my artwork and rights.
    That price includes only one swf for one company/site.
    I also give the guarantee for not reselling them.
    So I am afraid I will keep the fla.
    BUT as I mentioned in my previous post, you can still get the flas with some extra money for reselling, please contact me for details.

    Thanks for your interest.


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    We have worked with kalvinhobs for years now, he's one of the best cartoon guys on the web, you can never go wrong with him - Marketing with Passion
    Tamer o'kail - Creative Director

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    Thanks Web Rhino

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