Hi everyone.

Just got a dedicated server setup, and have gone through the WHM setup process.

I have changed the records at my registrar, and the change has propagated.

My ns1 is at xx.xx.xx.10
My ns2 is at xx.xx.xx.11

The first website I tried to add is at xx.xx.xx.12. When I type in that domain name, I think I am getting directed to the .10, which is the location of ns1. I am able to successfully FTP using the domain name, but http is kind of messed up.

The question I am asking is what exactly is going on where with the DNS setup. It seems like I have to enter DNS IP info all over the place in WHM.

-Edit Setup under Server Setup
-Manage Nameserver IP's under Server Setup
-all of the DNS options under DNS functions

I am kind of confused about what is going on where. The WHM documentation is pretty sparse, but I guess it is meant for someone with more networking experience than I have.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I do have a sys-admin who setup and secured the box for me - I am not going into this thinking all I have to do is setup cpanel. I have used a reseller panel before but this is a little different.