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    where can i find a script like.....(cgi)

    i fount this script in cgi at some website and it generates a screenshot of the webpage. does anyone know where i can find a script like that? id rather have it in PHP but if it only comes in cgi thats ok.

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    That's tricky... it would mean that you need a complete rendering engine... likely with javascript and css to boot on top of the html. if the page contains flash or java you'd need those plugins too.

    Maybe you could bastardize (or perhaps it has already been done) mozilla into this.

    Easiest (but possibly dangerous) thing I can think of to do would be to install xfree86 and a browser that can be called from the command line. Whenever a request comes in, point the browser to the page and take a screenshot.

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    it doesnt take a screen shot like when you press print scr on the keyboard, it just takes a picture of the webpage like
    https://login.******.com/cp2/ their is an example (you might have to be logged in and have an account) its a cgi script, not a program and i dont have access to the server itself so i couldnt install it anyway. i only have a reseller account with cpanel/whm

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    All the major ones have dedicated machines to do this.

    The way iCapture does it (If i remember correctly) is there is a python script handling requests, which generates an AppleScript to open the browser and take a screenshot. Then another script takes this screenshot and moves it/renames it to what it should be and passes the data on to the website.

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    where can i find that script?

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