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    Am i looking for something impossible?

    Im looking for a colocation service in US location doesnt matter bandwidth as in cogent , xo and such doesnt really matter just looking for a specific of at least 500 gigs a month up to 1000 gigs for a decent price. 150-200$ a month.

    Im not expecting much outta this but im having a hell of a hard time finding someone for it. Also when i host my box with em IRC needs to be allowed. So i can run an irc process not host a network just run a process to connect to another irc server.

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    Maybe you should look into 10Mb/s "capped" or "unmetered" service, rather than burstable service allowing 500 - 1000GB transfer. Really, you should be able to satisfy your needs with 3 - 5Mb of capped bandwidth, which is certainly possible on the price range you are talking about.

    Allowing an IRC server .. well, customers with IRC are just trouble waiting to happen. If you have a legitimate business need to run your IRC server, tell your host that. For example, I have a customer who uses ircd as a back-end for a web chat application on their site. That's a totally different ballpark than customers with IRC networks or servers for their "friends," which end up becoming the target of attacks.

    There are companies that specialize in IRC. Why don't you buy an ircd package from one of them? These people do it for as little as $15 per month.
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    Yes, please buy service from host that specialize in IRC stuff. Foonet is back alive now, but I'm unsure if you would want to go with them after the FBI incident.

    Lately, we found out that IRC and Windows machines to be both problematic.

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    Foonet (CIT) is fully back in business?

    From what I heard they aren't going to host Shell companies or IRC servers anymore.

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    What exactly was the Foonet FBI incident?
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    Originally posted by Jay Suds
    What exactly was the Foonet FBI incident?
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    Originally posted by codywatkins
    Google is your friend
    The rumor, and I must emphasize the rumor part (aka not proven to be true), that FOONET staff was DDoSing competitors.

    It is true, from what I understand, that FOONET is no longer in the IRC market.

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    I do NOT want to run a network

    i just want to run a client such as iroffer and spread files.

    HUGE NOTE* im not a warez kid and all my materials are unliscensed / uncopyrighted and NOT adult or profain in any way.
    my colo will also be used for webhosting and other sources to thats why i havent bought a single service.

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