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    Auto Sales Manager 2004 -- Now Available!

    We just released the latest version of our popular Auto Sales Manager software.

    Auto Sales Manager 2004 is now even better! The administrative application is now designed in Java (only for windows -- and is compiled to x86 native code for speed and performance). And the customer web interface has been re-designed in PHP.

    We are also offering Auto Sales Manager 2004 to WHT members at a discounted rate (please contact us for details).

    "Auto Sales Manager 2004 is an easy to use, website inventory management solution used for listing automobile inventory. Simple enough for any salesperson to use, Auto Sales Manager makes selling automobile inventory online simple and economically feasible."

    If anyone has any Car/Truck Dealer clients you should look into this. Dealers interface using a 32 bit compiled-Java windows application, and the the customer frontend is PHP.

    Some of the features include:
    -Easy to browse inventory listings.
    -Browse by Category.
    -What's New (new items in the past xx days)
    -Search (by different attributes)
    -Master list of all inventory for sale (formatted for printing).
    -Register new user (to be able to bid on auction items).
    -Bid on auction items.
    -User profile management.

    We are initially offering it in 2 different forms:
    1) Auto Sales Manager 2004 Managed Edition - includes a dedicated server (with daily backups), 2 client licenses and free customization of the web interface.

    2) Auto Sales Manager 2004 Un-Managed Box - includes the install CD's for the client and server software, and 1 license of the client software.

    For pricing, screenshots, and more information please visit or PM/email me for further details.
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