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    DNS Resolution Problem help

    I'm trying to change the DNS in one domain name that is registered with godaddy when I tried to enter the IP address in the DNS input boxes gave me an error with that IP, so I changed the name to and NS2 with no luck So I called my hoster said that everything on their part was working properly. *I have a dedicated server and this is a new installation

    The only thing that I think is interferring is that in my root account of the CPanel the current hostname "name" of the server is not the same . Does that name have to match with the DNS that you enter on godaddy? if so, after I change it how long will it take for that name to propagate and be able to be seen by goddady so I can change the DNS ? Is there any other thing I should verify?

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    hostname has nothing todo with the nameservers, if the nameservers is correctly registered with the correct IP address.

    just change the server hostname, it shouldn't take anytime to propagate since its local name which doesn't interfere with anything.
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