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    Request : Slice and html code

    Hi all, I need a .psd sliced and html coded. This must be proper html code, no imageready html file.

    If you are up to the job please post some price quotes and samples of previous work here in this thread.

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    Can I see the template? 10-20$ without seeing it is my portfolio

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    hello. I sent you an email.

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    I could do it for $10... This is how I make my templates, so I shouldn't have any trouble.

    I transfered that to HTML.

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    daylate, still havn't received the mail, you can try sending it again to flawless [at]

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    ShunDi, I would need to see a sample of a page html coded, not just an image you have created. The psd isn't too complex but is 100% more complex than the image you have shown.

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    I'm up for the job.

    A complex template I coded recently (couple days ago) for another WHT user:

    Flat rate for coding that I charge is $25

    Included is main template page, a content page (if applicable), individual PSD files for each part of the template that may need additional editing by you, and a CSS Style Sheet

    Send me a PM, or email mdurrant [at]

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    Thats because daylate sent the email to me, lol

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    Originally posted by Hairyiguana
    Thats because daylate sent the email to me, lol

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    I can do it for 35$ or maybe less after I see the template image,

    My portfolio is available here:

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    $25 in an hour

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