Apprentice Candidate takes a cue from Trump, using his company's resources to promote himself as a candidate for The Apprentice Season Two.

Atlanta, GA - March 18, 2004 - Kelly Britt, Founder of “Need A Dot Com?” ( announced the creation of the web site, aimed at making him the candidate to beat on the next season of Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice”. As the owner of the successful Atlanta-based web hosting company, “Need A Dot Com?”, Kelly Britt believes he has "the energy, enthusiasm and character that Trump is looking for in the next Apprentice." Sam Solveny of the First Season of The Apprentice agrees. After reviewing Britt’s website and audition tape Sam wrote, “It sounds like you have the personality to go far.”

Britt created this web site highlighting his, "ability to act on an opportunity before anyone else." Having the foresight to seize opportunities is nothing new to Britt. Before the Internet boom, Britt purchased the domain name for $35.00, eventually selling it for $2.2 million. When others discouraged him from investing in the Internet, Britt simply saw this as another challenge. Today Britt is the owner of many web hosting companies, the flagship of which is “Need A Dot Com?”.

"Being selected the next Apprentice is not just about jumping up and down and waving signs in a line," Britt explains. "It's about showing creative ways to overcome challenges as ethically as possible." Ethical decision-making is a challenge facing many corporate leaders today (as even seen on “The Apprentice”). Britt stands as a businessperson who is not afraid of bringing strong ethics into the workplace. Aside from beginning "Need A Dot Com?" meetings with a prayer, Britt has been involved in community services such as prison ministries and he sponsors underprivileged children and adults in YMCA programs.

Britt knows that the site may expose him to criticism. Still, he believes "this site gets beyond the hype surrounding the show and exposes me as a real and viable candidate." As highlighted by Trump himself in Season One of The Apprentice, those candidates who take risks are the winners of challenges.

You have seen the mobs and contestants waiting in long lines, is a look at a serious contender for the next Apprentice. We will see if The Donald agrees.

Feature: Watch his audition, and then hire or fire him on the spot!

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About “Need A Dot Com?”:
Headquartered in Atlanta, "Need A Dot Com?" is a leading provider of web hosting related services; serving more than 8,000 clients. Started in 1996, the mission of "Need a Dot Com.?" is always to work hard to bring our customers the very best this industry has to offer. "Need A Dot Com?" is proud to see this work reflected in our thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We are thankful to God for our many blessings.

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