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    * First line tech support opportunities

    We are in need for a couple of new tech support guys to assist our customers, Most requests are usually very minor requests and any technical work that maybe needed to be done on a customers account you would refer to our technical supervisor who oversees all work that needs to be done.

    All our servers are CPanel / WHM based and most querys will be on these control panels.

    We would require you to simply work remotly and logging on into our ticket system which is currently perlbill and address any new problems, whilst on your working shift we would require at minimum ticket response times to be 15-30 minutes after the ticket has been opened.

    One position is from 3am (GMT Timezone) - 11am
    Second position from 11am (GMT Timezone) - 7pm

    Timezone calculator

    English as first language if you can speak more it would be beneficial but not required. (Spanish / German / French preferred)

    Please let me also have a resume if you have one, how you would prefer being paid (hourly / per ticket, the time zone you are in and how many days / hours you would like to work during a five/six day period if those listed are not appropriate.

    Also send me your rates. (We pay weekly so simply work out the number of hours you want to do x rate per week)

    We also have a sales position if someone is available and wants to work on a decent commision per sale.

    Email all resume's, applications: [email protected]

    Thanks kindly

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    Please! check your email i sent you a resume.

    Thank you!


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    i did as well
    Thank you.

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    Resume sent

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    I've emailed everyone back, we have filled the position from 3am -11am the 11am-7pm slot is still open.

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    I didn't receive an email :'(

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    Do we need to be available during the entire working shift every day?
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    Yes you would need to be available for the period specified as per normal working hours.

    The second position has now also been filled, thanks to you all that sent in their emails and resume's, when new positions open I will contact those first on my list who sent in resume's.

    Sales positions are still available based on commision.

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