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    * Should I Jump with these stats?

    With Nocster offering such good deals on Xeon processors and the like, would it be a waste of doing so with the below server load info?

    Server Load 0.16 (2 cpus)
    Memory Used 27.9 %
    Swap 0.967 %
    Disk hda7 (/) DMA+ 25 %
    Disk hda1 (/boot) DMA+ 17 %
    Disk hda8 (/home) DMA+ 5 %
    Disk hda5 (/tmp) DMA+ 4 %
    Disk hda2 (/usr) DMA+ 44 %
    Disk hda3 (/var) DMA+ 4 %


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    Server load, highest seen was in the 50's

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    Anyone with some incite, gut says don't move, but greed says do it?

    Would it be best to just get more ram, which would be a one time fixed fee, and save my hard earned cash

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    Server load going up to the 50's level seems serious. Any idea what it was doing at that stage and if it is a regular and prolonged occurence ? If it is doing stats and such and goes up that high during non-peak hours then I wouldn't worry about it. If it is one-off then same thing. However if it is prolonged and regular, I would most definitely investigate and if they are legitimate then a faster machine would help. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Originally posted by catfishing
    Server load, highest seen was in the 50's
    50's is not high. Some guys get well into the 100s with dual xeons...As for nocster, i'm not sure with them. Im deciding whether or not to continue business there. I've had a good relationship with them for a little over 7 months, but they've had some terrible problems. We'll wait and see what happens

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    Nocster had a few rough spots, but I am staying.

    But also I don't have clients, and utilize the server for another single site purpose, and can afford downtime.

    Network has stabilized, and is the best in their history.

    Thanks for all the feedback.


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    Actually I jump if my server load goes beyond 2 I love my machine as underutilized as possible but then again I am just running two low to medium size sites on the machine.

    I have been with Nocster and they are alright. They do, like many others, face teething problems once in a while. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    When your load hits 50, are you seeing a major slowdown, or inability to access the pages or pages?

    What is causing the load when you hit 50? Are you running php or anything similiar, you might be able to use an optimizer like MMCache, or use it or JPcache to cache some pages if it is a dynamic site.

    You can also optimize Sql if you use it, with caching to help with the load.

    If you are running into swap space then, which could add some to your load, then just add more RAM.

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