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    Help with redesign


    We're looking at updating and doing some redesign to our site at but haven't really done much testing outside the organization.

    Anyone got any thoughts on what we should change while we do it???


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    Link for those who need it:
    [he doesnt have enough posts]

    I like it.. very.. artistic.
    Splash page is nice too!

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    Nice looking site.

    Although I am not partial to the small fixed width and height type design your site uses. Feels limiting, claustrophobic. The small pop up windows only enhances this.

    I understand that your company's name is "first past the post". Would you like to enlighten me (and your potential clients) what that's supposed to mean?

    Anyway, I notice it is used in lower case in your writing. The first few times, my reading kept stumbling as I didn't immediately make the connection that "first past the post" is a name. Very annoying. I can under stand the use of non-capitalization as a design aspect to your web site, but why didn't you make the company name more prominent? Even something simple like bolding or colored text would suffice.
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