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    IP Adress and Actual Location

    How would I find out the location of a computer via their IP address? And I don't mean IP look up, I mean is there something in the IP Address what numbers mean what?

    I'm trying to figure out something in my logs about a general location of some of my visitors, but I don't know which location the IPs are coming from.

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    Well I do have a nice site that can help you but i need to make 4 more posts to tell you it forum rules will come back when I can post it.


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    No, there isn't any way to sell exactly where a user is, unless the DNS info for the IP contains GIS data, and not many do.
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    On the other hand,
    if the IP you ask about is for a dedicated server/colo facility, then you probably can find what you need with the IP Whois tool at

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