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    Finding out if a domain is available

    I'm trying to write a PHP script that tells you if a domain is available.

    The most obvious way that came to mind to me was to just do a whois lookup and look at the results to work out if a domain is free or not. However, today I registered a domain, and although the details aren't appearing on a whois lookup yet, if I put the domain into my registrars search box it says it isn't available. At first I thought this was just because my registrar was checking its internal database and finding it there, however, I did the search at a completely different registrar and that said it wasn't available either.

    My question therefore is is there a better way to find out if a domain (in particular .com/.net/.org and is available for registration other than just doing a WHOIS lookup (bearing in mind I want this to be done in a PHP script).

    Thanks in advance!

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    In a nutshell, you can't unless you tap into the live registry via an API provided by a registrar.

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    get Enom API Doc. and start reading

    requires reseller account though, you can get free account from domain name related offers and requests forum.
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