19100.com - $34
Nice Y2K-related domain, .net/.us taken. OpenSRS/Tucows; Expiry: 2004-08-19

2046.net - $49
Long awaited upcoming Wong Kar Wai movie, all major ext. taken. OpenSRS/Tucows; Expiry: 2004-10-24

BlackHarbour.com - $34
Canadian place name made famous by a TV series of the same name. OpenSRS/Tucows; Expiry: 2005-08-04

CloneColony.com - $34
Excellent Sci-fi/game domain. OpenSRS/Tucows; Expiry: 2005-01-07

HarshMistress.com - $69
Inspired by the classic Heinlein science fiction "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress". Highly brandable. $30 bid rejected earlier. OpenSRS/Tucows; Expiry: 2004-09-13

MeechLake.com - $49
Canadian place name made famous by the 1987 Meech Lake Accord. Excellent Google ranking. OpenSRS/Tucows; Expiry: 2005-03-24

TemptationCity.com - $69
Good gaming/gambling domain. OpenSRS/Tucows; Expiry: 2004-09-19

* Payment by PayPal only. Prices are negotiable with purchase of 2 or more domains (please send PM). Offers good until next auction this coming Sunday. Thanks.