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    [For Sale] VBulletin 3 Forum Skin - Coded & Cheap!


    I am pleased to say that the skin has finally been finished off, and is compatible with VBulletin version 3.

    This skin is being resold, which means that it will be sold to more than one person.

    All images were created by me, all coding was very kindly done by Bumpaneer.

    The price is $40 USD. The dollar is very low at the moment, and this is the equivelent of 20 GBP. I accept payment via Paypal.

    You get -

    Fully coded forum skin
    All images for the forum
    .PSD files for the header

    Basically, everything you need for the skin to work!

    Pictures of the forum in action are here:

    Forum Home

    NOTE: These are low-quality jpgs. The real version is much higher quality.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of VB3 to run a test forum on for all you guys to try it out on. If anyone would allow me to use theirs, please let me know

    If you would like to buy this, or would like more information, send me an email. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Thanks, Paul

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    Nice skin good luck on your sale

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    That is awsome. Touch up the graphics a bit more work on the header! The buyer could make one hell of a forum with that if he edited a few things.

    Good luck man! I would by it if I had VB!

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