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Thread: 2 Gaming Sites!

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    2 Gaming Sites!

    Hi guys I want to sell two of my gaming sites for 50$. One of them is a forum for any type of gaming and the other is a unrealtournament 2004 general site. If you are interested please PM and I will send you the links!


    EDIT: Nvm here are the links and

    I have gotten permission to sell the template I got with the forum which is phpbb2 so if you want this then it will be included in the sale aswell

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    Do you wnat $50 for both of them or $50 for each?

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    i thnik for both.

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    Originally posted by bullman
    Do you wnat $50 for both of them or $50 for each?
    50$ for both with the skin and anything else you see will be yours, with control over both domains

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    I'm interested in a possible deal. I take it we'll have to have hosting correct?

    Also, any chance of just selling the gaming forum? I'm afraid that I'd not have much use for the UT website.

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    The hosting will come with it aswell

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    May I ask why on in the header there is a small modification of original header ??? I beleive original text where is located was slightly brushed over and replaced with

    edit: typo
    Kirill Smirnov

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    It originally says "teamphotoshop vbskinz" on the skin header. I'm assuming he doesn't have Photoshop to edit the PSD that comes with the skin, so he just edited the image.
    Shawn Kerr

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    Will you sell UT 2004 one seperate?

    Im interested.
    James Talbot
    E-Mail - [email protected]

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    I have replied to everyone that has PM, I have 3 people wanting it, I will take the person that gives me the highest amount for both.

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    Sorry can't edit my last post, the people who are interested please PM with your offer and the person with the highest offer will receive this package!

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    This has been sold, thanks for all the people that were interested.

    Admin/Mod please close thread

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    Thanks for a smooth transaction!!!

    Fast PayPal Money! Buying 3 letter/character domains (com/net/org/us only

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    Originally posted by domains
    Thanks for a smooth transaction!!!

    Not a problem, Glad I made you happy and satisfied

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    hey... I thought I told you to wait for me....

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    Sorry, I messaged you but no response, admin/mod please close thread, thanks!

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