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    Do not take hosting from

    A month ago I tried reseller hosting with

    After I pay It takes 4 days to my account
    to be up and running.

    a week after I decided to go away.
    I asked Rogelio to terminate my account
    but even after 3 weeks after request
    the account is not still terminated.

    Rogelio does not care. He just takes money and do nothing.


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    Just out of curiosity, in what ways did you try to contact this host? If you only tried emailing them, get a phone number and contact them directly. I'm quite positive if you talk with them, you both can resolove this problem quickly.

    Let us know how things turn out. If the problem continues then you can flame their name. It is very understandable that after three or more weeks of no cancellation that you are angry with this company.

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    Sorry to hear your bad time with remedyhosting. Hopefully your new provider will be much better

    Good luck,
    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.

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    I just decided to take my own dedicated server. So If there will be a problem I will tell you.
    I hope, I can solve problems with me, by myself

    There are many people doing hosting, offering "best" packages
    and don't understand basic domain - DNS rules.

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    That is very true Good luck with your new server what ded provider did you decide to go with?

    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.

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    I'm just trying for first month because of price

    But I'm thinkig I'll go to EV1.
    Managed is good if you do not need any support. They has support only on Mo-Fri.

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    Yeah I have never used from what i read around here they seem to lack in speed of support department.

    Ev1 is a respected company, might be great for you if you know how to manage a server.

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    Currently my position is a java developer, but a few years ago I did server maintanance and customer support.

    I know, it is a long time. but I just need to refresh my memory
    and get inside again.

    i also thinking about serverhousing in my Town, there is pretty connection, also price is good, I will see.

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    I am currently taking a course in JAVA seems like an interesting language to learn. I am struggling a little with it though.

    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.

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