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    dns pointing help

    ok, i've just bought a domain from a private party and i want to make sure i have control of it. I don't have a webpage yet, for the moment i just want to be certain the domain is mine.

    The owner put my details into the whois and gave me the username/pw for the domain at So i logged in there, changed the pw, and was able to make a change to the admin contact, which then appeared as changed in a whois check at
    But, at the moment the domain still points to the previous owner's webpage. Can anyone suggest an existing dns to point it to, without me actually setting up a webpage, just so i can be sure i have control of the domain? thx

    other info: in the whois it also says 'registration service provider:' but when i go there its all in korean. Also listed is 'registrar of record: tucows, inc.'

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    That domain sir is yours. Go to zoneedit and get setup with their free DNS. This is one of the biggest negatives against openSRS -- no URL or email forwarding!

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