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    Thumbs up ServerMatrix PRAISE!


    Yesterday i had a problems with the main drive of a server ( drive crashed ). I called them and spoke with a tech on the phone that checked the server in some minutes. After that, they told me that they need to install a new drive, and reinstalled the OS and cPanel in about 3 hours ( cool ). They forgot to mount the 2nd drive, and i called again. The tech went to check this and 5 minutes later was working

    After restoring all the accounts i asked for a kernel upgrade, and has been done in a few hours ( after call ).

    Today i requested two reboots and they were done in just a few minutes what is also very good!

    I saw a lot of "horror" stories regarding SM service in the last days, but this crash has been dealt very professionaly.

    I think that SM support had a lot of problems / slowness, but its getting better atm.

    keep it going guys!

    ( yeah i know.. my english sucks )
    yeah.. i'm useless!

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    I am also with SM and I have no complaints to date I think the big problem is people who open tickets (through their webpage) it appears they have slow response times that way but I personally if I have a problem would rather call which I must say is great never more then 2-3 rings
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