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    Ideas on Domain Value

    Hi everyone,

    Following a recent acquisition, we have come into possesion of the domain - any ideas of its value?

    It was operating as a brand in its own right until we took over the company a few months back, and the customers are now direct customers of ours (we didn't feel the brand was strong enough even if we co-branded it with our own).

    As a result, we may now want to sell it, but wanted an idea of the price to see if it would be worth our while first.

    Any advice appreciated.

    Edit: Good at spelling, aren't I?

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    domain names are only worth the content they server ................

    yes there a name-----------><---------
    ------but IF you dont have anything on there what good is it

    or something thats gonna be original if that pumps some ideas through your pipes GREAT

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    any residual traffic should be valuable, can't see anything much in the name itself though.

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