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    Scripta autoinstaller

    where can it be gotten from? i cant find it on google anywhere and the cpskins one only has 25 scripts, and i've heard fantasico sometimes isn't updated all that much
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    I believe Scripta is custom auto-install software designed by the family of web hosting companies (including,, and to name the ones I know of).

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    fantastico is great

    what do you mean they arent updated??
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    It was pointed out over a month ago that gallery doesn't use a mysql db. Yet it still creates one.

    Gallery doesn't have mod_rewrite enabled, it just needs 6 lines added to a .htaccess... but they decided not to use it.

    Slightly related, I pointed out 3 problems in Xcontroller that have been ignored the past two updates. Although I suppose adding additional languages is more important than having a fully operational control panel... at least it'd get more sales.
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