Buantel, Inc - Web Hosting

Buantel, Inc provides much more than just Web Hosting. We also provide businesses with the tools they
need to operate, monitor and analyze their investment. Our customers have access to lots of tools
including Plesk 7 control panel, Bandwidth, Web and FTP Analytical software, and a lot more.

Our clients includes.

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Custom Coaches

Herculean Solutions, Inc

For full list of clients please go to:

Please note that we prefer paypal.com or bidpay.com services. This makes everything easy and less
hassle for both us and the customers.

You have the option of paying monthly or yearly. Accounts will be created within 4 hours of payment.

For money order or certified cheques, please email us at [email protected]

We offer two types of Shared hosting

Automated Web Hosting
- Starting $4 USD / month or $48 USD / year, Free Setup!!

We offer web hosting for veteran web hosting clients. This allows you to simply request changes to
your site to our support team. For example, if you want a new email forwarded to a new user simply
email us the alias you want to change and we'll do the rest.

Order now! http://www.buantel.com/hosting-automated.html

Professional Web Hosting - Control Panel using Plesk 7
- Starting $4 USD / month or $48 USD / year, Free Setup!!

We also offer Prefessional web hosting using Plesk 7 software. This software will help you setup
your site for example logins, frontpage, ftp, emails, mailing list, your own database and a whole
lot more. This solution is good for companies who have multiple users.

Order now! http://www.buantel.com/hosting-professional.html

We also offer Reseller plans using Plesk 7

Reseller Accounts Web Hosting - Control Panel using Plesk 7
- $40 USD / month or $480 USD / year and $40 USD Setup Fee

We also provide Reseller accounts for companies who would like to start small and provide web
hosting for their clients. This allows you to create new Domains within your own account.

Order now! http://www.buantel.com/hosting-reseller.html

If you have any questions and comments please email me.

Rodito Buan II
General Manager
Buantel, Inc
[email protected]