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    Exclamation LivePlanets.Com

    Is anyone else a LivePlanets.Com customer?

    They dropped of the face of the earth yesterday, where did they go?

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    Maybe there servers went down. That can happen

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    Bad Host

    No... turns out they didn't pay their bills.

    LivePlanets.Com SUCKS! Don't host with them!

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    I've had them for quite some time and they were fine when I started but once they switched over their billing system, look out. Recently invalid CPanel licenses on all accounts for almost a week, also no access to email servers for that same amount of time, CPanel backup not enabled on all accounts, extremely poor response to billing inquiries and support issues. The billing has been HORRIBLE. Double billing for domains, etc. Not to mention the complete site outages, including their sites. Stay away.

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    * More troubles w/cancellation

    So, liveplanets support site has been resolving to for days now and you simply can't get into their support at at all. I did manage to get into the billing system at where I proceeded to post to them as well as email that I have cancelled all my accounts with them. So today I get this email (my info edited):

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Sales Administrator [mailto[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2004 6:17 AM
    To: me
    Cc: me
    Subject: Your Nameserver (IMPORTANT - Pls Read!!!)

    Hello Jane:

    We sent you email correspondence a few days ago requesting that you update your virtual nameservers as a result of an upgrade in our network and hardware. As off today, the updates are not complete. Without updating your nameservers ASAP with your registrar, your sites will all go offline once we shut off our old network in thenext 2 or 3 days. Please go to your domain registration account for and make changes ASAP keepiing in mind that these changes take up to 72 hours to become active. Hence the urgency in doing the changes now. Please update the ip address for: and as follows:


    If you have any questions, please let mw know as soon as you can. Thanks

    Larry Payne

    Generated by iPath Group, Inc. .:. Client Billing System
    [4.0.2 Build 8.1 EZ]
    I did not get an earlier email from them regarding changing the virtual nameservers, but that's typical.

    I replied that I'd cancelled all my accounts with them. So far no response.

    Based on my experience they should be avoided.

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