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    Lightbulb Looking for new host FULL MANAGED!

    Looking for a new host FULL MANAGED! + Monitoring. After about a year i finally understand when you are a reseller it is better to have a host FULL MANAGED. More advanced level of tech support.

    So i am looking for a host FULL MANAGED! + Monitoring. any idea or suggestion?

    Thanks for suuporting us webhostingtalk.

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    You can try the host quote option up there on the top right.

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    Thanks to mention it CPQIS,
    but i would like a personal opinion also.

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    Hi Proteas,

    From personal experience, if you are looking for a shared account I would highly recommend - they are fully manned 24 hours a day (I have been with them for around 16 months now and they have always answered my emails quickly even though I have posted at different times throughout the day).

    If you are looking for a managed dedicated server then I would recommend - with whom I signed up last week. I sent them around 30 emails over the weekend and they were all answered within a couple of minutes and Donna, the webhostess never even told me to bugger off although I was hassling her all weekend and I don't think we slept as she set up my dedicated server and installed my site for me even though I messed everything up at my end.

    Two excellent 'managed' hosts you may wish to consider.

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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