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    Good west coast dedicated servers?

    im looking for a good low ping west coast server for hosting game servers, any ideas?

    i know about , any others?

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    try They are opening a new datacenter and have really turned around there operations are top notch.
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    I'd highly recommend staminus. The owner, Matt is really good, honest guy to work with.
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    Check out - They have some good deals on managed servers, and they have a much better network than I can't even find when their datacenter's network last had any issues at all . They're located in San Jose, California.


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    * Calpop - Caveat Emptor!

    Stay far, far away from Calpop. They are the worst provider in L.A.

    This company has a VERY long history of extremely poor service, misrepresentation (lies), and allowing spam and other abusive activities.

    You can do a search on these forums for more information. You can also search the NANOG archives. There's also considerable negative info on them in the isp-bandwidth and isp-colo list archives. Check google as well.

    I don't see how this provider has suddenly "turned around" anything. Looks like the same BS info on their site. They are still showing a map to SAVVIS's network - which they claim as their own. They also list completely false information claiming connectivity to GBLX, L3, XO, PAIX, and Equinix. The truth is that this company has only one uplink to Yipes (cheap Yipes, Wiltel). They had a link to Level 3 but that was pulled by L3 because of abuse complaints.

    The owner of this company has been promising/boasting about New datacenters, routers, bandwidth, etc, for years. Very little of it ever seems to materialize.

    It amazes me that this company manages to survive. My only guess is that P.T. Barnum was right!

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