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    Looking for good "monitoring & reaction" service

    I have several independent servers in a different DC and i need to insure the uptime for the next month or so until i move them to The Planet

    Iím looking for a reliable "monitoring" company that offers to do the immediate administrative work needed should something happen to the server

    Typical failures:

    Bind failing
    Apache failing
    CPU load critical

    Please advice

    Thank you all in advance

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    Alertra doesn't do the administrative work for you, but they offer the best services for site/sever monitoring.
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    There are a number of server administration companies who provide this service who frequent WHT: -- The Linux Guy. -- Huck -- Mouse.

    Thank you.
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    You could set up Nagios (netsaint) to automatically do something (like restart the service) when it detects it down. Also If the "something" fails, then have it contact you.

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