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    Thumbs up Review: Cyberwurx

    I have been with Cyberwurx for four months now, after switching from Server Matrix. So here's my Review.

    Chris answered all my questions quickly and accurately, no problems here.

    Setup Time:
    I ordered a Celeron server from them, it was ready to go about 7 hours later. It was a celeron 1.8 ghz.

    Server Performance:
    Compared to the 1.7 ghz server I had at Server Matrix, this server seemed slower, with more cpu load. This could be due to the fact that I installed mailscanner/clamAV on the new server, but didn't have it at SM. In the end, I elected to switch to a p4 2.4, which performs great, and the upgrade was done quickly and painlessly.

    Network Performance:
    Cyberwurx has giga connections to BTN and Global Crossing, so network performance has been great. I believe they also have a giga connection to WV Fiber, but I only see routes through the other two. In any event, I always see maximum transfer rates, as expected.

    Network Uptime:
    Uptime has been 100%, no outages.

    This is an unmanaged server, so I have kept my requests to a minimum. But the tickets I have submitted have been taken care of within 15 minutes max. I also mentioned the upgrading of processors earlier, and it was taken care of efficiently. They also took care of a cpanel problem that they didn't have to. Still, since it is unmanaged and I don't have time to manage it myself, I use VisionEX to actually manage the server. I will review them soon too.

    Overall Impression:
    I really can't say anything bad about them. They are owned by GlobalCompass, so they have their own datacenter, and service has been very good.

    EDIT: My site is if you would like to test download speeds- there are plenty of files available for download.

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    Which is why I host my main site with them.

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