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    Post Unix/Cpanel/Plesk customer support help wanted.

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

    I just lost one of our key tech people to family problems, and I am looking for someone short-term (possibly to long term) to pitch in with our Unix/Cpanel/Plesk hosting support -- I'm looking for people of good character and excellent knowledge.

    Please send resume, references and pay requirements to [email protected]

    Thanks, Kelly Britt
    "Need A Dot Com?"

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    Thanks Dimitry!

    I'm both looking for an apprentice, and trying to be "The Apprentice" (at

    Seriously, I am looking for good help.

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    Resume Sent

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    Good luck Kelly.

    Just read an article about you somewhere this morning (it was about 5AM, thus the reason I can't remember where).

    Didn't realize you were one of WHT's own. Good luck to you. I'm sure we are all in favor of a web host making it.

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