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    Reselling different domain extensions


    I'm looking for a reseller hosting plan which is able to deal with different domain extensions. The domainnames doesn't have to be registered with the reseller hosting. I can register them separately. I need to have the following extensions: .com/.org/,net/.nl/.hu/.be.
    Is it common for reseller hosting plans in the USA or UK to be able to host different domain extensions?

    I have another question concerning the billing of my customers. As I live in The Netherlands most of my customers also live here. The billing must be in euro's. Is this possible with the reselling plan being in the USA or UK?

    Hopefully someone can help me with my questions and with a reseller plan that fits these requirements.

    I was thinking about the following plans, but I'm not sure if they are good for my wishes:

    Autica (USA)
    Unitedhosting (UK)
    Archosting (USA)

    Thanks, Judith

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    I don't get this payment in Euros thing, sorry. You bill your customers so it's up to you how you handle it; I don't see how your reseller host comes into the picture unless you want them to do the billing for you but I doubt that this is what you want.

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    As I looked at the different reselling plans, I saw the option of a billing service of some kind. From your answer I understand that I can handle the billing anyway I want. So I don't have to use the billing system of webhosting company from which I have the reselling plan.
    Thanks for answering this part of my question!

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    And I failed to answer your other question, sorry! Check out Bluewho. They can host international domains, and they are truly excellent.

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