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    Wink port 2100

    you may remember me as the mean guy who didn't want to pay for hosting. I was most grateful for one of the forum members putting me on to nexuswebs. they have enabled ftp permission and have specified using port 2100. how do i do this if i'm using dreamweaver? PSi don't want to let them know how stupid i am)

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    bronc, the owner of NexusWebs is a frequent reader of this board.

    There's nothing wrong with asking questions. You need to start somewhere. Start by asking, and don't be ashamed of it.

    Back to your question, i'll tell you this: i don't know. I'm not familiar with dreamweaver, and i'm not ashamed about that.
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    i use dreamweaver a lot but i use wsftp

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    Well when setting up the site where you place your ftp server information.


    or 123.321.23.321:2100

    in other words just add this to the end of the ftp information
    :2100 < port number
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    This link should tell you what you need to know.

    Don't be afraid to ask. How else will you learn?

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    thanks all and thanks Knogle - you just can't be too careful with this damned internet.

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    you may remember me as the mean guy who didn't want to pay for hosting.
    You could add a signature to keep reminding us who you are.
    Just kidding...

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