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    * Game Servers

    Hello everyone

    Im looking to start a server company, and i want to know the best way to do this. Any suggestions? What i need to buy etc..

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    I don't know MUCH about Game Servers, but I do know that Server Matrix offers a pre-configured game server that you might want to take a look at.

    Brendan Diaz

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    ya but....

    Can i setup servers through them. I want to be able to set up counter-strike servers, and give people there own default ip port etc..

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    Wow, a lot of people are suddenly starting game server companies. First of all, you will need money. This is an expensive business and renting servers from places like servermatrix gets you no where. If you cannot afford to buy your own stuff, you won't last.

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    Indeed, the cheap and flaky game server market is well past saturated. If you want to last, it will need to be in the higher end of the market, and that means top-grade hardware and bandwidth.
    Game Servers are the next hot market!
    Slim margins, heavy support, fickle customers, and moronic suppliers!
    Start your own today!

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    I agree with everyone here: I highly recommend colocation with your own machines and premium bandwidth. Listen to Raine.. he has his own game server company. Gamers are very uptight about their ping times, and you'll definitely need a good deal of start-up capital.

    Also, if you don't have any experience with the daemon software (Half-Life dedicated server, installing and configuring MetaMod, AdminMod, etc.) you definitely shouldn't start a game server company. Just because you like to play games doesn't mean you can turn it into a successful business.

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    Im looking to start a server company, and i want to know the best way to do this. Any suggestions? What i need to buy etc..
    Sounds like you have seriously thought of this for all of about 5 minutes...

    Honestly, if you have to come here and post a question that is so vague it would take me 20 minutes to think of how to answer it then you arent ready to compete.
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    Synetic are you on gamesurge? If so reply with your channel name, I'll talk to you

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    #synetic on gamesurge
    Just made it

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    I disagree with what was mentioned above about having to own all your hardware to initially start off.

    From experiance.. When starting off small pick something like servermatrix or nac or 1and1 for EAST and get your self established, buy a few ded servers till you can afford to co-locate.

    Dedicated servers are cheaper short term then actually co-locating. The inital setup and monthly bill doesnt generally hurt the wallet as much as having to purchase high end xeon servers does. Also with dedicated servers bandwidth prices seem to be obsorbed into the montly cost, you basically pay half nothing for bandwidth.

    My tip to you is this,

    First and foremost pick an area of gamehosting or something that makes you different from the other hosts.

    Pick a QUALITY B/W provider.. PING MATTERS

    Get a Dual Xeon rig with lots of ram 1+ gigs.

    Make sure you know your game! Soo many hosts rent a dedicated server having never had any experiance with the game itself!

    Many hosts get customers tru word of mouth, if you do whats listed above you'll prob be well on your way. Keep in mind tho that Gameservers are VERY VERY VERY support intensive. Also your gona deal with kids 14-18 that arent very respectfull or loyal, so paitence is required =)

    Hope this helps


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    Can I have your customers when your done playing "Game hoster"?

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