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    Domain Masking Question

    Can someone help me understand what masking really does?

    In my "day job" I'm a college professor and have webspace that I use for my college classes. I also do consulting (educational technology workshops) for schools and am in the process of building a website to advertise those services.

    I want to keep my teaching and consulting separate to prevent any appearance of a conflict of interest since many of my college students are actually teachers in schools where I consult. However, I want to host both of my "websites" in the same webspace.

    Now to the point of my message.....

    I have one commercial website that I use for my college classes and I'm building my consulting website as a subweb in that same webspace. I have purchased a domain with godaddy ( and have it pointed to the subweb and set to mask the domain. Therefore, when I type into the browser, it retains in the browser address bar. If I don't prvided links outside that folder, is there any way a user will be able to tell that this site is actually residing in my main website?

    In other words, the way I have this set-up, it looks as though is in its own separate webspace. Am I missing something here?

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


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    Does that answer your question? Spend the few, and I mean few, dollars and get yourself a cheap host. There are places that have $8.95 per six months and such. For less than $1.50 a month you can clearly seperate the two.

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    Yep...sure does. Thanks :-)

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    for newbies they wont know, but any intermediate internet user would know because it show at the bottom and anyone can do view source

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