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    reg-123 and PayPal

    Does a web host have to provide something extra to allow someone to use paypal on their site. if so what?

    I'm thinking of going with 123-reg for web hosting, but i've searched their help pages and it says nothing. I also emailed them, but their email support has a javascript error! Does anyone use 123-reg and know about this?

    my site will only have around 20 products on sale and will use a paypal shopping cart.

    am i worrying over nothing? or is there something i need to check with my web host?

    many thanks.

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    There should be no problem with accepting PayPal, your website is your own and as long as it is nothing illegal or selling illegal products i dont see 123reg caring what you do!

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    conflict between paypal and webhost?

    I'm not worried about the content of the stuff i'm selling!

    I just wanted to check what i need to look for in a web host if my web site is going to be selling products via PayPal.

    Does the webhost have to be able to "support" PayPal? Or is PayPal something that works independently of web hosting?

    I just want to check that there would be no conflicts between using PayPal and a web host.

    Hope you can help!

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    no, youre fine and paypal is great
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    Thumbs up thanks

    thank you Lauren.

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    All you would need to do is log into your Paypal account and create the buttons. Once you have done that, simply insert the code it give you in your html page.

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    thanks Dnslinux.

    as you can see i've not used it before, so its good to hear from people in the know.


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    Rather than the buttons you may want to look at the PalPal cart
    for your twenty products. I also recommend the IPN so your
    instantly notified when you make a sale. Their solutions are located here

    They also have forums for support.

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    No need no worry, But i would always read the AUP, you never know they may be contracted with 2checkout or some other company,, Just read the AUP/Terms..

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