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    Could anyone recommend a reliable Windows hosting?

    Priced at about < $12 per month;
    1. ASP.NET (must)
    2. MS Access
    3. MS SQL (optional)

    I'd like to hear your opinions and your experiences with Windows hosting providers.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You may find some good offer at the WEB HOSTING OFFERS section

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    For a good, inexpensive, Windows hosts that supports asp and, I would recommend The only negative thing is that sql is an add-on with them, so you have to pay a little more, but their uptime and response has been really fast, so I don't mind paying.

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    I have recently signed up with for windows ASP and .NET hosting. The customer service was very good and so far the site has performed very well.
    You can look for yourself at:

    Also, puts my site on a server with only 151 other sites, whereas other hosts I used had over 600! Netcraft has the up time on my server at about at 40 days since last reboot, which, again, was quite a bit higher than my lst windows host.

    Good luck with your search.

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    A bigger scale windows host is but I wouldn't recommend it

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    You can try Dean is a really great Windows host.
    Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV. Colocation

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    i tried - no problems with them guys


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    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    Thank you so much for the information!

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    Bad experience with Brinkster

    I will not recommend Brinkster to anyone. The tech support is very rude. When they enabled my web logs, they turned off all the usefull stuff such as ip address, referer info etc so the logs were pretty much useless. I spent one hour talking to the tech support guy (toi) and he kept saying they look fine to him. When I told him that there is not a single ip address in the entire log file, he initially tried to tell me thats how IIS creates them. After arguing for one hour, he changed his argument and said that the log files look fine on his side. I asked if we were looking at different files, he said no. After all this chat he secretly replaced the bad log file with a full log file and said they are looking good on his side...I could see the change in time stamp..but he lied and said he did not change any files. It was the worst tech support experience I ever had.

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    wow, It-spot it's exactly 1 month you're back to WHT

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    By the way, I cudn't find your requirements
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    I have been with a company called, they are windows hosts and htey charge $8 per month. I am a newbie as most people will realise due to the *large number of questions I ask* , however I must report that for $8 per month I get 1GB disc space and 30G bandwidth it is an unlimited domain resellers account and during teh past three days they have *three hours worth of online assistance* at the touch of a button, they are truly amazing, I was so skeptical that these guys could not operate, but how in the world can they make any money?? The servers are reliable and they are online giving live 24/7 help, day and night.

    I have *absolutely no idea* how they can make it work. At least once I get this dns system configured then I won't keep asking so many questions.

    Amazing value for money. Absolutely amazing.

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