I have a problem with Awstats and addon domain, to me it looks that Awstats produces unreliable statistics. My sites are on cPanel 9.1.0 host, I have maindomain.tld and addondomain.tld which is also addon.maindomain.tld as you all know. Now, for the main domain statistics look more or less ok with both Analog and Awstats, but for addon domain Awstats has dropped out most requests, could it be that it only analyzes hits to addon.maindomain.tld?

The most popular URL is www.addondomain.tld/something but there's not a single hit to it in Awstats (for addon.maindomain.tld which is what I have in cPanel's subdomain stats page). Analog shows www.addondomain.tld/something okay.

Is there anything I could do in cPanel or have the host do for me? I'd prefer not to download raw logs and analyze them by myself.