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    Northpole :)

    Need help choosing...

    I might try a server on another provider the next time I buy a server...I'm just loooking for opinions on which I should buy.

    Here are my current options:


    I've been thinking about Gnax and their 2TB there any good and fairly cheap Gnax reseller out there?

    What do you think between these 2 companies? Which one should I go for..?

    My budget is around 200-300 dollars.

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    Northpole :)
    Btw I really want to know about Gnax uptime too..Also is Gnax's bandwidth a 50/50 split or is it TOTAL?
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    Hi ZeConan,
    GNAX's uptime has been 100% since last year.

    It measures its bandwidth using 50/50 split.

    Hope that helps.

    ps: Most GNAX resellers out there will have similar pricing as GNAX's (or perhaps more expensive with more services), as they aren't earning much from the server sales.
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