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    How do I transfer data directly from one server to other server directly?

    I had a reseller account but now I decided to go dedicated. In my old server I don't have ssh privilege and I'm root on my new server. How do I transfer my files directly from the reselling account to the new server taking in consideration that I cannot access the old server by SSH. Please post an example of the command that I could run to get the files from the old server if there's a way around. or any suggestion to transfer the files from one site to the other without having to dowload all the files to my side.

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    Are these sites running on any kind of control panel? If so, is it the same on the new server?

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    cd to home directory of site

    ftp -i

    password: type password

    cd /path/to/site

    mget *


    chown -R adminuser /path/to/folder/retrieved
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    They have different control panels

    In response to the control panel question... No they have different managers. As a matter of fact the new control panel is RVskins in wich I don't find any icon to create reseller's accounts and create packages for them. I'm still learning the control panel since is new to me . Does anybody have rvadmin and knows where do I create accounts for the resellers or define them. I checked some of the links and configured them to have the features for the resellers account but I don't find anything where I could actually create an account and assign MB for disk space and bandwith like in the cpanel... any input from rvskins gurus? and thanks for the command in *nix haven't tried it but sounds logical I will keep you posted.

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    RVSkins is just Cpanel with skins, is that right? If your new server is running WHM/CPanel as well, you can transfer domains through WHM, but you need to have your clients' password.

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    That's no problem then because I'm the designer of all of the websites. By the way I'm trying to find in this interface where is that you create a resseller's account . Just like in the Cpanel that you just hit to create a new account and you have predifined packages. I still can't find where do I create new accounts for my customers. Anybody knows?

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