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    Payment and also account set ups

    hi guys (new here)

    i have jsut started to resell hosting.. and i was wonderinig if i could automate it a bit more.. I can dedicate a lot of my time to the hosting, but i have a lot of stuff i would prefer to be doing like working on websites etc..

    What i really need is : firstly, some way of managing payments.. Although i dont have many customers yet.. i would like my site to have the best solutions possible. i have seen things like modernbill (my host uses it for my account) and i like the idea of that.. but it costs a tad too much (my business is at the stage atm where it could really take off or we could really sink (all new busniesses have this)) and i cant substantiate such a cost for a business which isnt making too much money atm.

    Secondly. I have access to cpanel and whm and session keys (or wateva) but i dont actually know how to implement them.. i assume they are there so i can use other external programs to set up my hosting.. But i dunno how i would go about that. and also once again there cant be too much cost involved.. as per the money (or lack there of)

    so yea if anyone could suggest things it would be great..

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    You can get a free client management system type thing at called WHM Manager. It's entirely free, and it works pretty good. Don't expect a bunch of extras though, it's nothing like modernbill or whmautopilot.

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    There are quite a few billing/client management systems around. They range from free ( to anything really.

    Some that I can think of:

    phpmanager (what I use)
    client exec

    and more. You could also try a forum search which would bring up lots of threads.

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    Re: Payment and also account set ups

    Originally posted by flaming_ice
    i have jsut started to resell hosting.. and i was wonderinig if i could automate it a bit more.. I can dedicate a lot of my time to the hosting, but i have a lot of stuff i would prefer to be doing like working on websites etc..
    I am not quite how much can you automate by integrating third party software in to cpanel. I can bet it will be an even bigger headache for you if you decide so.

    There are hosts out there that will offer you a total integrated solution with Windows/linux servers, trouble ticket, billing, automated signups etc ... all in one interface and all for one price.

    This will not only give you less headache but will also save you a few bucks.

    Wish you best of luck.

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    2,734 - quite a good piece of software to use

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    what's the best free option?

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    Originally posted by ardit
    what's the best free option?
    nixt is about the only 'free' option, unless you get a reseller account that comes with access to a automation script

    i use phpManager and its cheap, but tricky at times, i have a lot of time in code to skin it to my site, and actually get it to work properly.

    I tried Nixt a while ago, and decided it easier to pay a few bucks for something a little better and work on the code from there.
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    You're correct, the remote access key will let you perferm operations to WHM/Cpanel using third party designs, I used it in the system I made for my site. There is information on it at CPanel's website, but I found it takes a little bit of playing to get it right. If you're not at least moderately skilled in PHP/Perl (The two ways they give examples on implementing it with) I wouldn't bother, and it'd be better to go with one of the other suggested tools. Just wanted to let you know that doing it yourself is possible if you have the skillset or have a friend that might.
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    hey guys thanks gor the info.. yea i know tad of php.. but i have a friend who run everything of php which he makes himself.. so hes fairly good with that stuf..

    But yea.. i had a look at phpcoin.. and although not exact;u what i was after it seem very useful.. cept the fac that is has the weirdest setup.. so the admins cant use the client login (if you use phpcoin i think you know wat i mean)..

    i knew i wouldnt get top of the range stuff.. but im pretty sure i can figure something out..

    Oh another thing.. is ther anyway i can sorta hack my cpanel.. cause my host has made it so their customers have their own little support thing in the cpanel (its the x2 skin.. and they have added it manually byt the looks..) and yea when its clicked on.. it goes to their support site.. which requires a login etc.. (its modernbill) and i cant have that seeing as my customers arent linked to them and its v. frustrating.. as they cant get support.

    I tried emailing the host.. but as yet havent got a response.. and it hasnt been fixed..

    glad if any of yas could help

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